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Fep Resins/MFI 22-27

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Everflon
Certification: UL,Reach,Rohs,SGS,FDA
Model Number: E4622
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000kg
Price: USD9/kg
Packaging Details: 25kg per bag
Delivery Time: 5 working days
Supply Ability: 10,000T/Year
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Detail Information

Color: Natural Material: FEP
Application: Wire,tube And Pipes,cable
High Light:

FEP Resins MFI 22-27


Pellet Form FEP Resins


ASTM D 2116 Type II Fluoroplastic Resin

Product Description

Everflon™ FEP 4622 is a melt-processible fluoroplastic resin available in pellet form. It is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, without additives, that meets the requirements of ASTM D 2116 Type II. With a relatively high melt flow rate and excellent electrical properties, Everflon™ FEP 4622 has been specifically designed for high-speed extrusion of thin coatings on small-gauge wires for twisted-pair constructions.

This resin provides the electrical and mechanical properties needed for low voltage applications. In addition, Everflon™ FEP 4622 has a higher melt flow rate than most other fluoroplastic resins. This permits higher extrusion speeds and easier processing, making Everflon™ FEP 4622 a cost-effective alternative for producing thin-wall extrusions.

Everflon™ FEP 4622 is designed and made to have improved adhesion to copper wire under specific wireline process conditions, low dissipation factor at high frequencies, and significant plate-out resistance in melt extrusion. It is suitable as a solid insulator and as a foamed insulator, when used with an appropriate nucleant in a nitrogen gas injection process.

Everflon™ FEP 4622 is used when traditional extrusion and molding processes are required for producing products with the superior properties of a fluoroplastic resin. Compared to other thermoplastics, the high melt strength and thermal stability of Everflon™ FEP 4622 can be used to improve processing rates.

Compared with other fluoroplastics, creep resistance at high service temperatures provides a superior balance and level of end-use properties. Everflon™ FEP 4622 combines the processing ease of conventional thermoplastics with many properties similar to those of polytetrafluoroethylene.

Properly processed products made from neat Everflon™ FEP 4622 resin provide the superior properties characteristic of fluoroplastic resins: chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance, toughness and flexibility, low coefficient of friction, nonstick characteristics, negligible moisture absorption, low flammability, performance at temperature extremes, and excellent weather resistance.

In a flame situation, products of Everflon™ FEP 4622 resist ignition and do not promote flame spread. When ignited by flame from other sources, their contribution of heat is very small and added at a slow rate with very little smoke


Typical Applications for Everflon™ FEP E4622 include small diameter, thin wall wire and cable insulation; industrial film; and intricate or thin wall parts made by injection molding.


Everflon™ FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is a melt processable fluoroplastic. Everflon™ FEP can be used in applications that don’t require the enhanced properties, and temperature rating of Everflon™ PFA.


Everflon™ FEP fluoroplastics are processed by conventional melt extrusion techniques and by injection, compression, transfer and blow molding processes. Everflon™ FEP fluoroplastics are ideal for wire coating and molding a wide variety of end use articles and components.


Everflon™ FEP offers an excellent combination of properties characteristic of all fluoroplastics; a wide service temperature range, exceptional dielectric and electrical properties, low coefficient of friction, low flammability and chemical resistance. Everflon™ FEP has a service temperature range, up to 200°C (392°F).


While Everflon™ FEP can be fabricated into solid shapes and molded articles it is best known as an industry leading product line in the wire and cable industry where it is used for wire coating and cable jacket fabrication. Everflon™ FEP offers wire and cable OEMs a high performance fluoroplastic material with excellent electrical properties, ease of processing and consistent performance.


The Everflon™ FEP product line is one the broadest in the industry. With Melt Flow Rates (MFR) from 3 to 30, and a wide range of application specific grades, Everflon™ FEP is uniquely positioned to offer exceptional performance in both general purpose and high speed wire and cable constructions.



Wire insulation, cable jacketing, extruded tubing, molded shapes and other end use components requiring a high performance fluoroplastic material.


Everflon Fluoropolymers Family


Everflon Fluoropolymers PTFE Resin


Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 0
Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 1
Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 2
Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 3


Everflon Meltable Fluoropolymers


Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 4 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 5 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 6
Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 7 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 8


Everflon Fluoropolymer Dispersions


Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 9 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 10 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 11


Everflon Fluoropolymer Powders


Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 12 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 13 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 14

Everflon Fluoropolymer PVDF Powders


Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 15 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 16 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 17


Everflon Fluoropolymer Compounds


Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 18 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 19 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 20 Fep Resins/MFI 22-27 21


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