PTFE Fine Powder/RR:100:1/Tape Application/Paste Extrusion

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Everflon
Certification: ISO9001,Rohs,Reach
Model Number: F100
Minimum Order Quantity: 500kg
Packaging Details: 20kg per Drum
Supply Ability: 3000T/Year
Product Description

PTFE Fine Powder/RR:100:1/Tape Application/Paste Extrusion 0

Everflon Fluoropolymer PTFE Fine Powder

Everflon® PTFE Fine Powder F100 is a polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder resin used primarily for paste extrusion. Everflon® PTFE F100 offers the excellent combination of properties typical of Everflonfluoroplastic resins: 

• Non-aging characteristics 

• Chemical inertness tonearly all industrial chemicals and solvents 

• Exceptional dielectric properties, stable with frequency and temperature

•Toughness and flexibility 

• Low coefficient of friction 

• Non-stick characteristics 

• Negligible moisture absorption 

• Excellent weather resistance 

• Service temperature up to 260 °C (500 °F) 

• Useful properties at –240 °C (–400 °F)

• Moderate stiffness and high ultimate elongation 

Compared with other grades of PTFE fine powder,Everflon PTFE F500 is a premium resin that has increased thermal stability, superior flex life, superior stress crack resistance, low permeability, and high clarity. 

Everflon PTFE F100is designed for processing at low to medium reduction ratios of 10:1 to 300:1. It is designed to facilitate the production of high-quality, low-density tape and beading.

Everflon PTFE F100 meets the requirements of ASTM D4895,

Main Porperties Everflon Fluoropolymer PTFE Fine Powder F100

PTFE Fine Powder/RR:100:1/Tape Application/Paste Extrusion 1


Main Application of Everflon Fluoropolymer PTFE F100

Everflon™ PTFE F100 is widely used for conformable, high performance sealing materials and as tape for wire and cable insulation.



Everflon™ PTFE F100 is extruded using a liquid processing aid such as naphtha. In the paste extrusion process, the powder is mixed with a lubricant aid and then compressed into a cylindrical preform slug under light pressure (1.5–2.0 MPa [220–290 psi]).
The preform slug is placed in the cylinder of a paste extruder, where the composition is forced under high pressure through a finishing die to produce beading, tubing, or wire coatings.
After extrusion, the product is a low-density, but coherent, fibrous structure. After removal of the lubricant by heating within the range of 100–300 °C (212–572 °F), the extrudate can be either
sintered above its melting point of around 345 °C (653 °F) to produce a void-free PTFE article or calendered and stretched to produce unsintered or semisintered articles.


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