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About Us
Hubei EverFLON Polymer Co.,Ltd


Everflon Fluoropolymer Co., Ltd belongs to the C&F group, is the professional manufacturer of fluoropolymer raw materials and applications. 


Everflon Brand fluoropolymer raw materials including PTFE-FEP-PVDF-PFA and ETFE, it contents Powders, Dispersions and Pellets type. We produce from AHF to R22 and own 10,000T TFE & 5000T VDF Capacity and Polymerization workshop, to manufacture over 5,000T PTFE and 3,000T fluoroplastic.


Everflon Plus Brand main forcus on compounding on the basis of Everflon fluoropolymer raw materials to produce better quality and customerized fluoropolymers such as PTFE compound, Color Concentrate or Colored Resins, Foam Concentrae and Reinfoced compound, also supply Cross linkable products.

Techyours Brand main focus on the various application tech and products of fluoropolymers, we developed the PTFE water base non-stick coatings, Teflon Tubes and Films, PTFE wrap tape and films, 3D printing flurorpolymers...We will keep developing more new applications on the basis of Everflon fluoropolymers.


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I want to say that your products are very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service. -- Adela

We trust the quality of your products. It always the best. Keep this going, and we will establish a long-term trade relationship with you. -- Charlie Bingham